´╗┐Choosing a circular saw blade

The circular saw is an essential tool for wood and timber companies as well as optimizing working time and cutting quality. To perform a job with performance, however, it is necessary to choose the circular saw blade to be mounted on the machine or portable tool. Indeed, it is necessary to take into account certain criteria which define the choices of the circular saw blade suitable for a given type of work. In the lines of this guide, discover the different parameters to consider to make the best choice of circular saw blade.

Criteria for the purchase of a circular saw blade
The circular saw blade is mounted on a motor shaft, thanks to a central hole which is called bore. Use this material to make straight, longitudinal or transverse cuts. The first criterion to take into account in choosing a circular saw blade therefore concerns the choice of the machine on which it will be mounted. It is thus necessary to select the blade according to its diameter, so that it can be installed effortlessly. The diameter will also be chosen as a function of the thickness of the material to be cut.

It is also essential that the diameter of the bore is adapted to that of the motor shaft of the machine. In particular, for professionals in the wood industry, the circular saw is mainly used during the second transformation. Simple to use, it nevertheless reflects a true concentrate of technology. It is therefore advisable to read the characteristics given by the manufacturer of the saw in order to choose the right circular saw blade. Indeed, the characteristics and quality of design of a blade are quality criteria unavoidable as to the work carried out. Among other things, it is to be understood that a same circular saw blade is not versatile to all tasks. The choice varies according to several factors, including the material to be worked. Thus, while some blades can cut both wood and metal, others are dedicated to wood or metal only.

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For companies and do-it-yourselfers, choosing the versatility of a circular saw blade depends on the productivity objectives, the precision and the desired surface quality. For example, if manufacturers offer standard circular saw blades that meet the needs of specific users, more specific models are also available for more skilled work. Thus, a circular saw blade made of hardened steel is the most widely used model, as it is suitable even for construction sites and makes it possible to cut concrete or nails. Allowing the timber to be cut, it nevertheless lacks precision and must be more often sharpened.

The tungsten carbide blade with alternating bevels can also be used for many types of work, including the cutting and flow of solid wood, but also to work on panels and melamine. To cut wood that may have nails, it is advisable to use a nail cutter carbide blade. For difficult situations of cutting dry or wet wood, a carbide blade with anti-recoil is recommended and also reduces the amount of sawdust.

The characteristics of the circular saw blade
In terms of use and quality of cutting, the choice of a circular saw blade depends on its thickness. http://www.band-saw.com/best-band-saw-money/ The latter makes it possible to refine the cut and reduce the quality of the lost wood. In order to better refine the cut, it is also possible to play on the tooth pitch of the circular saw blade. That is to say, a large tooth pitch will therefore offer fewer teeth and is chosen to carry out lineage work at high flow rates.

For finishing work, as well as cross sections, on solid wood, on panels or melamine, it is advisable to opt for a circular saw blade with low teeth, with more teeth. Indeed, the quality of the cut depends essentially on the tooth pitch and the shape of the teeth of the circular saw blade. Among other things, the flat toothing is the most common, especially for edging, but it does not guarantee a good surface finish. Trapezoidal teeth improve surface rendering for cuts on solid wood and can also be used on composite materials.

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